The First ever

shared-use mobility summit in miami-dade

Building on the success of summits in Los Angeles and Denver, Live.Ride.Share.Miami will bring together local and national transportation and mobility leaders to discuss the future of mobility in South Florida.

Around the world, new technologies and new mobility options are colliding with new ideas for the future of cities. People are demanding sustainable systems and a richer quality of life, in the urban core and beyond. The fabric of our cities is changing, and it’s only going to accelerate.

What does that mean for us and how we get around in Miami-Dade? How can our community become a national leader in mobility innovation?

Panelists from cities on the cutting edge will discuss successful strategies and new opportunities. Local leaders will discuss where Miami-Dade can jump ahead. And all of us will work together in participatory exercises to develop ideas.  

It can often feel like we’re only talking about where we are, and not where we should be going. Live.Ride.Share.Miami is about the future, and how we build it together.

See you there!

The Live Ride Share summit is an annual conference hosted by different cities each year, in partnership with the National Resources Defense Council.  Miami-Dade County, in partnership with WhereBy.Us and The New Tropic, is bringing the conference to Miami for 2017. We will hear from experts in this field from around the country as well as local leaders and advocates.  

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initial session & opening remarks

7:00 AM - 8:30 AM | Breakfast

8:30 AM - 8:35 AM | Welcome - Master of Ceremonies, Cesar M. Garcia-Pons

8:35 AM - 8:45 AM | Opening Chat - Shared Mobility w/ Alice N. Bravo, P.E.
Can shared electric connected and automated vehicles help us achieve our goals more quickly, cost-effectively
and creatively than we thought possible?

8:45 AM - 9:00 AM | Keynote w/ Victor Dover
Fleets of shared Autonomous Vehicles could reshape our cities. Will we seize this opportunity to build more livable, sensible places to live?

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM | Plenary Session -  Bringing government and other agencies together for the development
of a unified future
 w/ Aileen Bouclé, AICP, Honorable Pam O'Connor and Stephanie Gidigbi
Moderated by: Charles Scurr

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM | A glimpse into our future: w/ Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM | Lunch

Shared-Use Mobility

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM | Planning for it. It does not just happen - Moderator: Marie Elsie Dowell

Topics Covered:
·    Understanding the Benefits of SUM – Sharon Feigon [SUMC]
·    New Mobility Playbook – Evan Corey [Seattle]
·    Integrating Mobility Solutions from the Beginning -  Ali Soule [Brightline]
·    How do we Address Regional planning with so much uncertainty – Scott Shogan [WSP]
·    Small space, big plans - Jose R. González [City of Miami Beach]

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM | Car Ownership, a thing of the past - Moderator: Jessica Josselyn

Topics Covered
·    Carsharing and Ridesharing. Two services. One Fleet. – Stephan Smith [RideCell]
·    CarShare, an alternative to car ownership – Justin Holmes [Zipcar]
·    Affordable short trips are the missing link –Matt Friedman [FreeBee]
·    Bringing them all together in Miami-Dade – Devin Patel [Passport]
·    Multimodal first and last mile – Todd Hofferberth [Village of Key Biscayne]

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM | Addressing Our Mobility Needs - Moderator: Art Noriega

Topics Covered
·    Evolution of Commuter Services – Jim Udvardy [SFCS]
·    Vanpool – Barbara Molina [Vanpool]
·    Private Mobility for the Public Good – Michelle Gonzalez [Miami Lakes]
·    The Growth of Miami’s Transit Store – Jannet Walker Ford [Cubic]
·    The future of ride sharing – Sam Cohen [Lyft]

Mobility Ecosystem & Marketplace

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM | Big Data. Big Opportunities. - Moderator: George Abbott

Topics Covered
·    Big Data Integration for Better Transportation – Jonny Simkin [Swiftly]
·    Visual Analytics and Big Data – William McCusker [Habidatum]
·    Smart Cities Initiatives in Miami – Mike Sarasti [City of Miami]
·    Changing the World through Open Data – Carey Anne Nadeau [OpenDataNation]
·    Harnessing Data - Rosie Perez – [Miami-Dade County]

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM | Shared Mobility for All - An Ongoing Collaboration - Moderator: Anamarie Garces

Topics Covered
·    Shared Mobility Partnerships – Christopher Cochran [PSTA]
·    The future of Paratransit in Miami-Dade – Zev Naiditch [TA/Trip2] 
·    Using Technology to Maximize – George Fernandez [Ride2MD]
·    Shared Mobility, more than commuting. – Candice Saffer [Urban Village Kids]
·    Complimentary Services to Agencies - Sasha Forbes [NRDC]

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM | The Economic Case for Shared-Use Mobility in Miami-Dade - Moderator: Stuart Kennedy – Miami Foundation

Topics Covered
·    Car-Free Living in Miami – Patrice G. Smith [Miami DDA]
·    Evolution of Transit Oriented Developments – Chris Gandolfo [Brickell City Centre]
·    Benefits to our Urban Fabric – Luciana Gonzalez [City of Miami]
·    Innovation District – Clarence Eng [KHA]
·    Shared Mobility Shipping - Murilo Amaral [Cargo42]

Healthy Living

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM | Connected and Automated Technology Applied to our Cities - Moderator: Marta Viciedo

Topics Covered
·       Connected future, results today – Marcus Welz [Siemens]
·       How AVs will improve the urban core – David Woessner [LM]
·       Working with Cities – Kamran Saddique [City Innovate]
·       CAV applications to public transit – Veronica Siranosian [AECOM]
·       Neighbors to the North – Diana Alarcon [Fort Lauderdale]

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM | New Mobility and the Future of Transit - Moderator: Chris Sopher

Topics Covered
·       Mobility in a Driverless Future –Joe Iacobucci [Sam Schwartz]
·       Filling the Gaps in a Regular Transit System – John Kwant [Ford]
·       Mobility Revolution, More Than A to B – Allison Wylie [Uber]
·       CAV/EV Case Uses in Transit – Andrew Bui [AECOM]

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM | Accessing Parks, Creating Life - Moderator: Tony Garcia

Topics Covered
·    Innovative planning designs and current trends – Maria I. Nardi [PROS]
·    Increasing park space, reducing parking needs – Cesar Fernandez [Uber]
·    The underline: a linear park made for shared mobility – Meg Daly [Underline]
·    BikeShare Integration with Parks – Colby Reese

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Opening Remarks by:

Mayor Carlos Gimenez
Mayor, Miami-Dade County

Alice N. Bravo, P.E.
Director, Department of Transportation and Public Works

Murilo Amaral
Co Founder, Cargo42

George Abbott
Director of Community and National Initiatives, The Knight Foundation

Diana Alarcon
Director of Transportation and Mobility City of Fort Lauderdale

Bob Beers
Transportation America + Trip2

Aileen BoucléAICP
Executive Director, Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization

Andrew Bui
Transportation Technology and Innovation Lead, AECOM

Christopher Cochran
Senior Planner, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority

Sam Cohen
General Manager - Florida Lyft

Evan Corey
New Mobility Program Manager, Seattle Department of Transportation

Meg Daly
Founder, The Underline

Victor Dover
Founding Principle, Dover, Kohl & Partners

Marie-Elsie Dowell
Vice President - Senior Technical Manager Transit & Rail Systems, WSP

Clarence Eng
Senior Transit Project Manager/Practice Builder, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Sharon Feigon
Executive Director, Shared-Use Mobility Center

Cesar Fernandez
Public Policy, Uber

George Fernandez
Founder, Ride2MD

Sasha Forbes, AICP
Project Manager, Urban Solutions Program, NRCD

Matt Friedmann
VP of Business Development / Partner at Freebee

Chris Gandolfo
SVP, Development, Swire Properties

Anamarie Garces
Co-Founder/CEO, Urban Health Partnership

Tony Garcia
Principal, The Street Plans Collaborative

Cesar M. Garcia-Pons
Garcia-Pons+Associates LLC

Stephanie Gidigbi
SPARCC Policy, Capacity, and Systems Change Director & Senior Adviser for Urban Solutions, NRDC

Jose R. González
Director, City of Miami Beach Transportation Department

Luciana Gonzalez
Assistant Director, Planning & Zoning, City of Miami

Michelle Gonzalez
Transportation Planner, Town of Miami Lakes

Justin Holmes
Director, Corporate Communications & Public Policy, Zipcar

Todd Hofferberth
Department Director of Parks & Recreation Village of Key Biscayne

Joe Iacobucci
Director of Transit, Sam Schwartz Transportation Consultants

Jessica Josselyn
Associate Planner, Kittelson & Associates

Stuart Kennedy
Director of Program Strategy and Innovation, The Miami Foundation

John Kwant
Vice President, City Solutions, Ford Motor Company

William McCusker
Product Lead and Business Development Director, Habidatum

Barbara Molina
Rideshare Account Executive, South Florida Vanpool

Carey Anne Nadeau
Founder, Open Data Nation

Zev Naiditch
Paratransit General Manager Transportation America

Maria I. Nardi
Parks Director, Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department

Art Noriega
Chief Executive Officer, Miami Parking Authority

Honorable Pam O’Connor
City of Santa Monica Councilmember
and Member of the Regional Council of Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)

Devin Patel
VP of Transit Products, Passport

Rosie Perez
Sr. Chief, Information Technology Services Miami-Dade Transit

Colby Reese
Chief Marketing Officer, Citibike

Kamran Saddique
Founder & Executive Director, City Innovate

Candice Saffer
Founder, Urban Village Kids

Mike Sarasti
Chief Innovation Officer, City of Miami

Charles Scurr
Executive Director, Citizen’s Independent Transportation Trust

Scott Shogan
Connected/Automated Vehicle Market Leader, WSP

Jonny Simkin
CEO, Swiftly

Veronica Siranosian
Senior Project Manager, AECOM

Patrice G. Smith
Planning, Design & Transportation, Senior Manager

Stephan Smith
Sales Director, Ridecell

Chris Sopher
CEO, WhereBy.Us

Ali Soule
Director of Public Affairs, Brightline

James Udvardy
Project Director South Florida Commuter Services

Marta Vicideo
Director, Urban Impact Lab

Jannet Walker Ford
Vice President and General Manager of Eastern Region, Americas,  Cubic Transportation Systems

Marcus Welz
CEO, Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems, Siemens Mobility

David Woessner
General Manager, Local Motors, Inc

Allison Wylie
Transportation & Mobility Policy, Uber






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